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Address: 48-54, Sub Mall, Second Floor, E-331, Sector 27, NOIDA, U.P., India

Telephone: +91-120-4232000




Man.Dir.: Maj. G.R. Kaushik  M.: +91-9810043570

Director: Satish Sikri           M.: +91-9811049807

Contact:                             M.:

Additional Contact:


Marchers, The Image Builders

Internationally renowned Hair Specialists


Marchers is an organization which has rendered pioneering service in this field. Over the last 12 years of our existence we have introduced a no. of scientific solutions based on the concept of FORM, SHAPE, DESIGN.


Marchers’ non-surgical hair replacement systems are custom designed. Every head differs in shape, size and scalp contours. A template is made of the bald area and a replica of the balding area is made in a polyurethane block. The block helps in designing a unit keeping in mind the density, the type of existing hair, texture, colour, length of hair needed etc. The hair is ventilated into the unit exactly matching the person’s own for whom the unit is being designed, thereby giving it an absolutely natural look. Hair used is 100% naturally human duly processed, cleaned, polymerized and hygienically safe to wear.


Marchers also specialize in customized wigs for chemotherapy patients or who have lost hair owing to biological reasons or any specialized

treatment requiring any special drugs. A wig for such patients has to be ultra light, breathable and hygienically clean for the sensitive skin. The lifestyle of the person is important information for

designing the unit. The ready unit is placed on the bald area; There are various techniques for placing owing to tensile strength of existing hair, person’s lifestyle etc.



# Weaving

# Clipping in

# Taping in

# Spot weaving

# Silicon bonding: Marchers’ specialized technique. The unit is attached with the existing hairline on the periphery of the bald area. Any style can be given. The wearer can swim, play, shower, shampoo etc. Nothing happens to the unit- the wearer combs, styles hair as his/her own. No one can make out that the person is wearing a unit which is not his/hers. It does not fall and even upon pulling the unit stays there only. It is proving to be a boon to the bald area and over 10,000 happy customers have benefited from this technique. In this part of the world only Marchers is following it. Marchers are also running a training institute where they train cosmetologists, skin specialists and aesthetic surgeons in the area of unit making and its fixation. It also provides complete infrastructure support needed and all the necessary equipment for practicing this art.


The Marchers Institute of Hair Replacement is thus born out of the need to bridge the gap between demand and supply of hair pieces to the large percentage of population that are craving for this speciality service.



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