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ABOUT: TRIPODOT IS A LISTINGS COMPANY. is an organisational listings website. is meant for concerns having established a presence in their respective countries and wishing to network further within their sphere of operation and beyond. They could be small or big industries, operations or activities at a large or mega scales. Shipping, Aviation, Tourism Departments, Production Houses they should be here. This is a platform for professional organisations, public sector and private sector concerns, of course for big business houses, essentially those striving towards networking at a large scale and wishing to project themselves globally and nothing less. can be useful for Enterprises, Industries, Corporations, Institutions placed under various heads. Listees here are part of a global comity.

Eventually, we intend to make this a truly international, corporate networking platform and a fun site. shall flourish with your patronage. Surely there may be Corporations, Groups, Conglomerates, Businesses who would like to be placed in a page whose coverage is within the confines of their countries regions. For them, we have For those amongst us who would like to narrow down and view listings placed in pages optimally balanced in terms of coverage, reach and projection, there is From amongst us folks who would like to narrow down further and view listings in and around their immediate locality, there is has been operational since December 16, 2007.


The Idea: Blahblah... (watch this space)!!


The Structure: Any endeavour of this nature, in the opinion of the owner/proprietor, shall consist of three major fronts or areas of operation upon which it shall rest.

a). The Administrative & The Logistics.

b). The Web Development & The Web Design.

c). The Field Operations.


a). The Administrative & The Logistics: Administration, policy decisions and handling huge volumes of data.

b). The Web Development & The Web Design: Structure formulation and presentation, adapting changes and

additions perpetually.

c). The Field Operations: Collecting data from all over and the face of the website.


This endeavour reflects itself and exists largely, if not solely, in the virtual environment-the internet or cyber space. A very appropriate representation or symbol, if one may call it, of the internet is the dot (.)

The three supports, as mentioned above, may be reflected by the word Tripod. Combine the two words and you have tripoddot. A subtle refinement yields this enterprise the name Tripodot.


People: Tripodot and are completely owned by Sandeep Vij. Currently, all the operations are being handled by him. A citizen of India, he is a Delhi based Architect.


Pricing: Please go to Pricing Chart.


Contact Us: Presently, you may leave your valuable suggestions and enquiries at

email: or

telephone: +91-11-65809933.


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